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        Address: dongying city town XiYing GuangRaoXian king
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        Product series
        Lubricants Series
        Grease Packing Series
        Grease raw Series
        Chemical additives series
        Asphalt modifiers  
        Aromatic oil



        My company is the production of aromatic oil petrochemical oil after high temperature vacuum distillation separation of lightweight oil content, auxiliary materials and. This product has good rubber compatibility, the characteristics of high temperature resistant, low volatile, can significantly improve the processing performance of rubber, rubber products can enhance resistance to weathering, oxidation, friction, aging degree, at the same time can help the mixing and dispersion of filler in the rubber, widely used in reclaimed rubber and various rubber products and other industries.

        Aromatic oil specific technical indicators

        Density (20 ℃ g/cm3)


        Flash point (℃)


        Aniline point (℃)


        Aromatic hydrocarbons (CA) content (%)


        Kinematic viscosity (100 ℃ was/s)


        Moisture content (%)


        Ash content (%)


        Sulfur content (%)


        Note: this product can according to user requirements for deployment.






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