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        Product series
        Lubricants Series
        Grease Packing Series
        Grease raw Series
        Chemical additives series
        Sewage treatment agent  
        Efficient composite dephosphorization agent

        The composite dephosphorization agent composed of organic and inorganic compound, suitable for all kinds of phosphorus wastewater of high concentration of phosphorus wastewater phosphorus removal.

        Second, the performance characteristics

        1. Raw materials cheap easy, simple production process, the cost of wastewater treatment is low;

        2. Remove the high efficiency of phosphorus, general wastewater phosphorus removal rate can reach 99.9%;

        3. The small amount of additive and general dosing quantity control in the 0.3% to 0.5%;

        4. The compound dephosphorization agent can be used repeatedly, generally reusable above 10 times.

        5. Ecological optimal dosing compound dephosphorization agent to release the bases and the characteristics of the calcium ions to improve water, sediment and can be used as fertilizer recovery.

        Third, quality indicators

        Appearance: white solid

        Calcium: [CaO (%)] : 50% plus or minus 10

        PH: 7-8 -

        Density: [(20 ℃ / (g/cm3)] : 3.8 + / - 0.5

        Fourth, using method

        1, the detection of wastewater phosphorus dosing quantity is determined

        First of all, according to the phosphorus content of phosphorus wastewater by 100 mg/L add 0.3 g of compound dephosphorization agent for adding the standard, the content of high concentration wastewater dosing quantity to increase, the opposite lower dosing quantity.

        2, pretreatment of samples

        Testing samples pH of wastewater, the use of hydrochloric acid (sulfuric acid) or sodium hydroxide adjust pH of wastewater containing phosphorus to 8.0 to 9.0. 3, adding the compound dephosphorization agent

        To measure good compound dephosphorization agent under stirring constantly into the water, stir 5-30 min, static precipitation, to all the sediment precipitation completely.

        4, composite dephosphorization agent for reuse

        Settle the matter can be recycled, the resulting white crystalline as fertilizer.

        Five, the matters needing attention

        1. The compound dephosphorization agent must strictly implement method of use, can play the best effect of phosphorus.

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