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        Product series
        Lubricants Series
        Grease Packing Series
        Grease raw Series
        Chemical additives series
        Paper additives  
        Technical index
        Appearance: colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid
        PH :1-3 (1% solution)
        Content: 95%
        Alkali resistance: resistance 200gNaOH / L
        Properties and Applications:
        1, This product is soluble in water and organic solvents, has excellent resistance to concentrated alkali, high temperature resistance, oxidants, resistance to hard water, hydrogen peroxide has good stability for the protective effect, an anionic surfactant.
        2, this product is superior penetration, penetration: ≤ 10 (7gDHANET-2016 in 1L, 120gNaOH / L alkaline solution)
        3, the product has excellent penetration under alkaline conditions, emulsification, degreasing, cleaning, dispersing and anti-static force.
        4, this product is used for papermaking (mechanical pulp, de-inked pulp, etc.) to make lye penetration of raw materials faster, reduce response time, for raw materials play an effective protection, you can achieve excellent auxiliaries the treatment effect.
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