About Me

Mooseman 2012

Photo by FinsherPix (finisherpix.com). Used with permission.

My name is Floyd Kemske. I live in Pepperell, Massachusetts. To help you decide if my perspective will be useful to you… I am 65 years old, and I have been competing in triathlons for five years. It’s probably not surprising that I’m interested in the special needs of older multisport athletes. If you’re a triathlete in your 60s, you’re my audience. I hope together we can create a sort of clearinghouse for information about training and competing as older athletes.

I have a full-time job (as creative director for a direct marketing agency specializing in fundraising for nonprofits), a terrible commute, and an outstanding marriage of 44 years. No kids. With work and family responsibilities, I can manage up to 10 hours a week for training.