Geriatrics at the races

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Photo “The two Kermits” by John Blyberg. Creative Commons license.

Vineman 70.3 took place in Sonoma County, California on Sunday (July 15, 2012), and it appears the geriatrics were out in force. From the results pages, I count 52 finishers at ages 60 or more — 42 men, 10 women. There were 2,068 finishers altogether (the race organizer limited registration to 2,300). Completion times ranged from 3:35:59 to 10:27:13.

The oldest male, sole occupant of the 75-79 podium, was Bill Harter, age 79, a software executive from Garden Grove, CA. His time was 8:59:17, and he finished 2,049th overall. He’s been doing triathlon for a while, and my cursory searches have found him in news stories dating back to 2004.

The photo at the right comes from the Creative Commons section of Flickr. These Kermits obviously are not triathletes, but they look geriatric.

The oldest female finisher at Vineman was Harriet Anderson, age 77, from San Carlos, CA. Like Harter, she was the sole finisher in her age group. She placed 1,955th overall with a time of 7:48:53. Very impressive, if you ask me.

Anderson has been lighting up the California triathlon scene for a while. In 2010, she was the 70-74 women’s world champion, at which point she had entered the Ford Ironman World Championship 18 times. There’s a profile of her on the World Triathlon Corporation site. She’s a hero of triathlon. The profile describes her bike crash in the 2009 Ironman race at Kona. With a broken right arm and an injured leg, she got somebody to tape the arm to her side and walked the marathon, finishing 7 minutes ahead of the cutoff.

Congratulations to all the geriatrics who toed the start line at Vineman. You inspire us.

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